1 - Identification of Product and Supplier

Product Name: Pistachio Oil

Supplier: WFMED, 8245 Backlick Road Unit D and V Lorton, VA 22079

Emergency Tel: (703) 339-5388

2 - Composition and information on ingredients:

The product does not belong to any list of substances supposedly hazardous to human or animal health according to EU guideline 548/67 and further amendments, nor to those having recognized exposition limits.


Inci Name: Pistacia Vera Seed oil

CAS number: 90082-81-8

Einecs Number: 290-173-0

Chemical composition: Pistacia Vera Seed Oil is the oil obtained from the seeds of Pistacia vera, Anacardiaceae

Application: Emollient

3 - Hazards identification:

Non hazardous

4 - First aid measures:

Eye contact: Flush with water.

Skin contact: Wash with water and soap.

Ingestion: No measures, being a non-toxic product

Inhalation: Not expected with this type of product.

5 - Fire - Fighting measures:

Extinguishing media: Carbon dioxide, foams, inert powder

Extinguishing media to avoid: Water

Special exposure hazards: None in particular

Protection against fire: None in particular

6 - Accidental release measures:

The product decomposes biologically. No particular measures are needed therefore, nor any precautions in case of accidental spilling; in case, whenever the product gets spilled on the floor, it is advisable to absorb it with sand or wood dust to avoid hazardous slipperiness.

7 - Handling and storage:

For best warehousing we recommend a temperature not exceeding 25C. Keep in the original containers or in plastic or plastic-coated containers. Limit oxygenation (contact with air)

8 - Exposure controls and personal protection:

Being a non-toxic product no particular protection measure is needed. However, non-slippery shoes according to accident prevention rules should be used.

9 - Physical data and chemical properties:

Form: Clear liquid at 20C

Odour: Almost odourless

Colour: Pale yellow

pH: Neutral

Boiling point (C): >100

Flash point (C): > 240

Density at 20 C: 0.910 - 0.920

Hydrosolubility: Insoluble

Liposolubility: Soluble in vegetable oils

10 - Stability and Reactivity:

Conditions to avoid: The product is stable under normal circumstances, just avoid

high temperature warehousing

Materials to avoid: None in particular

Hazardous decomposition products: The product does not decompose under normal conditions

Shelf Life: Min. 12 months from production date when stored in closed and

nitrogen flushed containers protected from light

11 - Toxicological information:

Vegetable oil of natural origin, no toxic indication found

12 - Ecological information:

To be used under normal good working procedures, avoid spilling in the environment


13 - Disposal considerations:

When possible recover spilled product. When product must be discarded, do so into an authorized dump or recycling service station. Act in accordance with local and national regulations. Road and rail transport (ATR/RIDO) not restricted

15 - Regulatory information:

Italian Law 256/74 and DM 28.01.1992 (Classification and labelling of hazardous products):

SYMBOLS: Not required

WARNING NOTICE: Not required

16 - Other information:


In line with general product specification, always satisfy suitability for specific application.

The data provided in this material safety data sheet is meant to represent typical data/analysis for this product and is correct to the best of our knowledge. The data was obtained from current and reliable sources, but is supplied without warranty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. It is the user's responsibility to determine safe conditions for the use of this product, and to assume liability for loss, injury, damage or expense arising from improper use of this product. The information provided does not constitute a contract to supply to any specification, or for any given application, and buyers should seek to verify their requirements and product use.